Tiny Kitten Was Having A Bad Dream. Now Keep Your Eyes On Mommy… Adorable!


Scientists believe that deep sleep cat dreaming. This is also evidenced by the behavior of deeply sleeping cats. He can meow, move his legs. It is believed that the dreams of a kitty feels secure and confident, connected with hunting, car chases and games.

If a kitten feels in a hostile environment, dreams are connected with the defence, attempts to hide. Careful owner observation of a sleeping kitten can tell how well your pet in the house. The cat home that will never go hunting, still remains a predator. And like any predator, it is most active, yet hungry, and lies down to sleep when sated.

By the way, too active and noisy kitten, probably, does not receive the necessary amount of food. And if you see a kitten like this behavior often enough, you need to think about his diet.