Tiny kitten upset late dinner sorry mom


Almost immediately after lambing the cat appears colostrum. This milk is a similar substance containing a large number of useful components. It is especially rich in colostrum antibodies, which confer immunity to newborns in the first days of life. Gradually, the level of antibodies decreases, and colostrum becomes mother’s milk.

For newly born babies it is the main food for several weeks. Only with the secret breast of kittens you can obtain proteins, fats, carbohydrates and substances necessary for the normal development of the organism. The kittens are born blind but with a good sense of smell that allows them to accurately locate the source of milk – nipples of the mother.

In the first week of life, the kids are applied to the chest about 10 — 12 times a day. When the cubs will be 7 days, the interval between feedings increases slightly, and the cat feeds the kittens are already 8 times a day. On the fourth week go to 6-fold feeding.