Tiny kitten starts grooming herself and she’s just TOO CUTE for words! AWWW!


The kitten, still small but is already trying to care for themselves. It looks charming. Do cats love people? Love-the term, of course, abstract, but it is possible, that cats and people understand his roughly equally. How cats show love to the person? Yes about the same as humans. Signs of love cats to man, in primarily, are expressed tactile.

A cat that is indifferent to you, will trample your legs, associating exclusively with you those positive emotions experienced by a kitten, when the “treads”, that is, massaging the belly of the mother, stimulating the milk glands. Still cats like to RUB a muzzle about the owner, thereby not only showing the tenderness, but also marking the smell. Also, if the cat loves you, she will lick you and sleeping with you — it is quite possible that on the head. An important indicator of love is that the cat allows you allow yourself to be uncomfortable procedures like grooming.

A stranger, of course, no one will be able to unravel the knot. Of course, the cat’s purr, and the moments when the devotee meets a furry beast master — all this is unwise, but the obvious signs of love cats by the owner. Examples of how cats show love for the person, quite a lot, and after a conversation with the “avid” cat person you have an impression at all that is more responsive and loving than the beast there.