Tiny kitten has something important to say


We know little about the breed the Munchkin, but the breed deserves special attention. Munchkins-carriers of natural mutation, which provided these cats tiny, but strong and muscular legs. This feature is manifested in the offspring of animals whose genotype is dominated by the gene of achondroplasia. Simply put, the pet carrier of this heritage at the expense of the underdevelopment of long bones dwarfism is formed, which, however, does not affect their health, lifestyle and attractiveness to members of the opposite sex in standard sizes.

That is why cats are found worldwide, there are red, white and black, striped and spotted, and Shorthair and fluffy. It is considered that the Munchkin breed is not so much how many individual little people. It is sociable, obedient and affectionate cats, but at the same time brave and noble – exactly as tiny characters of the fairy tale “Wizard of Oz”, in honor of which they were named. Munchkins often compared to a taxi, but, unlike dogs, these amazing cats are not suffering from a chronic disease of the spine. Nature has awarded them a strong skeleton and powerful muscles.

This agile, active cats who like to drive the ball, ride on the curtains and can spend several hours in a row in his “proprietary” stand: on the hind legs, leaning on the tail. So if you always wanted a pet that would combine feline grace, spontaneity, and unusual appearance fees, as well as the funny habits of marmots, Munchkin is just created to be your friend.