A Tiny Abandoned Kitten Lies Motionless On The Grass, Until A Crow Swoops Down And Does The Unthinkable


This pair of great plays together. Although it is believed that between cats and birds can’t be shared. However, besides the fact that they are considered messengers of death, crows can actually be very intelligent, well-adjustable and just interesting creatures.

People always knew about ravens ‘ intelligence, so there’s nothing new about it. But we’re just starting to realize how smart these scavengers really are. The Raven family, which include crows, also includes crows, magpies, jays and jackdaws.

All this family of birds is considered one of the smartest in the world. –°rows are capable of reasoning at the level of analogies. Comparison is considered to be a higher order mental process, and these birds already had this ability without long training.