They Thought This Cat Had Eaten Their Ducklings, But They Never Expected THIS!


The cat who adopted the ducklings contrary to the laws. the video shows a real example of interspecies love: feeding the cat – the cat-mother is breast-feeding together with your furry offspring not puppies, small ferret or any other mammal babies, and the ducklings!

Sometimes, of course, duck eggs hatching chicken, but that cat had shared the breast milk with Chicks!? It’s hard to remember something! Here you have the famous hunting instinct! This video may be the strangest example of relationships between animals of different species. Mr and Mrs Lally, from Offaly County in Ireland, as reported by RTÉ radio, at first I thought that the ducks lost.

They were surprised to find the loss at hand from your pussy, Clara. Serious mother with sharp claws and teeth to feed the birds with broad beaks and webbed feet!