This Woman Could Not Figure Out Who Kept Leaving Flowers On Her Porch – The Most Adorable Secret Admirer Ever


Cats tend to behave in mysterious ways most of the time. From knocking things off of shelves to get our attention to stockpiling hair ties underneath a couch cushion, a kitties behavior can be baffling. Most of the time, unless they are breaking your stuff or unrolling the toilet paper, these behaviors can be adorable.

The kitty you are about to meet, for example, will make your day.

Rosie and her secret admirer

It wasn’t long after Rosie moved into her new home that she started to notice the flowers. Nearly every day there would be a few more lovely pink flowers left on her porch, as though she has a secret admirer. She lives on a street with houses that have terraces and garden paths.

She thought that perhaps the flowers were merely blowing in from somewhere nearby. When she finally caught the real culprit in the act, however, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

While she was cooking dinner one day, Rosie caught movement outside. She grabbed her camera just in time to capture the most adorable secret admirer ever.


Meet Rosie’s admirer, WIllow.

Willow belongs to Rosie’s neighbor and loves to roam around during the day making new friends. Apparently, when Willow takes a liking to someone, she lets them know by bringing them tokens of her appreciation. The gifts are not what you would expect a cat to leave, though.

“For a while, it was just a legend that it was her until yesterday when I was cooking and spotted her jumping down with a pink flower in her mouth,” said Rosie. “I was so excited that I went to film it because she’s so cute and I’d never seen a cat ever bring anything but dead animals before.”

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