This is Awesome! Man Turns His House Into Indoor Cat Playland


Builder and designer Peter Cohen bought a house in Santa Barbara, California in 1988. In the yard lived two stray cat, with whom he became friends. One of the cats got killed by a car, then a second cat too, fell under the wheels, but survived.

Peter cured him and made him home. And then started to help the homeless and shelter cats in southern California. Now in his house constantly live from 14 to 18 cats, picked up on the street or adopted from shelters. And they live in Paradise. The home office has a spiral walkway surrounding a high – floor-to-ceiling nail clipper.

Cats climb up and go in a spiral. “I thought they’d just look at this thing, but they’re really using it!” says Peter Cohen. A similar system is arranged in the bedroom: on a high you can get on the shelves, and from them – on a suspended platform where you can play, sleep or watch the space.