This is a story of a kitten called Honey and her love to her daddy


Tabby-kitten loves the beard of its owner. For cats, licking, in addition to hygiene products, is a way to maintain mental balance. Grooming soothes, neutralizes the incipient aggressiveness. The cat licks the fur, a certain amount of substance that contains vitamin b, which is necessary for the regulation of psychic balance.

If you deprive the cat of this opportunity, he will become nervous and may even die. The first impression, resulting kitten from mothers – this departure in the form of licking and washing.

For him it is an act of care and care, so if the cat (or cat) is trying to lick you, take it as an attempt to take care of you in a maternal way. When the cat washes and licks, he transfers saliva on their fur, then it can get on furniture and carpets.