This Has To Be The Most Patient Cat In The Entire World! I Love Him!


Over the last several months we’ve shared some adorable videos, but this is the definitive essence of cuteness. If there was a cuteness scale, this video would be off the charts.

“Hurray, we got a puppy” – I can almost hear this cat exclaim in a sarcastic tone of voice. Cats usually love to be the sole rulers of their domain so having to share his personal space with a slobbering pup is not going to be a highlight of this kitty’s existence.

Most of you will agree that it’s hard not to fall for this tiny puppy. The cat however finds it difficult to appreciate the pup’s sweetness when the little bugger won’t stop jumping and nibbling on his ear.

Still, this chill cat had enough decency to let it play for a while before giving the unmistakable look saying “Please tell me we’re NOT keeping him”. LOL.

Or perhaps we got it wrong. Maybe these two hit it off from the get go and they have years of life together to look forward to. What do you think? Let us know in the comments