This Feral Cat Hated Humans, But Then A Tiny Kitten Walked Right Into Her Heart


If you have ever had any dealings with a feral cat, you probably realize that they are not into human interaction. In fact, it sometimes seems that they are always grumpy but that is not the case. Within all feral cats is a heart of gold and if you are able to open the lock, you will see just how loving and companionate they can be.

Grandpa Mason is a perfect example. He just didn’t seem to get along with humans and it is no big surprise. After all, he was living on the streets as a feral cat for his entire life except for the last 9 months when he lived in a shelter. Up until October, Mason’s home was a large property in the country located in Langley, British Columbia. He lived with dozens of other feral cats and would typically be found in an abandoned barn.

The colony of feral cats was discovered by a developer when the barns were being torn down. Tiny Kittens, a local rescue group, began trapping the cats and trying to find homes for each and every one.

Mason was in pretty bad shape. He had a number of wounds, needed dental surgery and had a large growth on one paw. After medical treatment was given, he was brought to the home of a volunteer and it quickly became apparent that Mason would never be adopted.

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