This Family Has Posed For The Same Picture For The Last 10 Years, And The Internet Loves It


It’s not unusual for parents to want to take pictures of their children. Eventually, memories are all we will have of those days gone by.

One family in Hong Kong has been capturing their daddy and daughter moments on film for the last 10 years, with a slight twist.

It’s always the same moment.

Tiffany Wong and her father Wong Ting-man have been posing for the same photograph ever since she was a baby. Tiffany snuggled in her father’s left arm, the family dog on his legs, and the cat getting it’s head scratched by Mr. Wong’s right.

Tiffany’s mother has to take the pictures, of course. Before taking the first photo, she thought it was funny seeing her husband, who works as a documentary producer, so helpless on the couch.

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