This Cute Cat Has a Permanent Head Tilt


Lucy was just nine months old when she was brought to Wrenn Rescues shelter in Los Angeles in very poor condition. The little creature had an upper respiratory infection, an ear infection, and a broken front leg. She was terrified and unhappy.

Shelter staff member Jenifer Hurt took Lucy in to Oaks Veterinary Urgent Care to get medication for the infections and, later, for surgery on her leg. She had to be kept at the vet for a long time during the healing process. But little by little, the tiny cat began to heal up, and her cuddly and affectionate nature quickly became more apparent.

Lucy was, however, left with one remaining sign of the traumatic illnesses she’d been through. She now has a permanent head tilt, which she owes to the seriousness of the infection in her ear.

“Our vet discovered she had a massive, untreated ear infection,” says Hurt. “It likely went into her inner ear, damaging it.”

Luckily, the new angle of her head doesn’t seem to bother Lucy, even though it’s quite pronounced. It certainly doesn’t slow her down or keep her from hopping up on the furniture and meowing for pets and cuddles.

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