This Cat Guarded Her Owner’s Baby While He Was In The Womb And After He Was Born


Cats are amazing creatures that can create comfort in the house with one’s presence. Black and white, red and striped – tailed these beings bind us to himself only one movement hairy legs.

A loud purr can melt the ice in any heart, and pregnant women can seldom resist the cat’s charm. But are cats as safe as we used to think? Doesn’t the presence of a pet in the house of the expectant mother and her baby? For many years the man and the cat can live in the same house without interfering with each other. Man feeds cat, combs made of wool mats, watching her health and otherwise take care of her.

In turn, the cat pleases the owner with a cozy purr, entertains with games and demonstrates its affection with all its appearance. People start cats as companions, brightening up the loneliness and creating cosiness in the house. Often kittens are given to children to kids learn to care for animals and from an early age took on the responsibility to another living being.