They Were Looking For a Home for Stray Kitten But Their Orange Cat Took Matters Into His Own Paws


A family was looking for a forever home for a little stray kitten they rescued, but their resident cat decided to claim him as his own.

“The cat has spoken, and the dog also has no more bed.”

A little black and white kitten wandered into the lives of a family. The little guy took a liking to their orange cat and became his shadow.

The kitten was found in the middle of a country road with cars swerving around him. He was very frightened. When a good Samaritan saw him, he immediately rushed to his rescue.

“I tried knocking on the only door nearby and he wasn’t theirs. (The kitty) has no chip, and no one on social media claimed him. Best I can guess is that someone’s barn cat had kittens and they didn’t really keep track, and this one wandered off,” reddit user todontblink said.

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