These Fluffy Persian Kittens Were Given A Toy Bug


Little Persians are playing with electronic toy. Persian cat is by nature a homebody, loves to communicate, especially with children. She is extremely affectionate and trusting to their masters, while never showing molestation, preferring not to meow, but just watch and wait for their notice.

Although they are often called “divan” these cats love to play and hunt for insects that fly in the room. These cats are the ancestors of the exotics to derive the latter, the Persians were crossed with the American Shorthair breed. Participation in all family matters for these cats is a necessity, though they quite like to lie down on something soft.

The Persian is a beautiful cat companion for children, dogs, and even small domestic animals type of parrot or something similar. But others kept at a distance and do not hurry to give them his favor.