There’s absolutely nothing funnier than cats


So it or not-a controversial issue. However, it is well known that cats can create a positive emotional background in the house and have a positive impact on the psycho-emotional state of a person.

In the 18th century by psychiatrists, it was observed that the presence of cats has a beneficial effect on mental health – when crazy cats allowed, patients have become much easier. Similar methods are still used in psychiatric clinics and in nursing homes in some countries. In addition, there are more pragmatic reasons for the love of cats – domesticated around three thousand years ago the animal for centuries helped people to deal with rodents.

In addition, cats are unpretentious and do not require any special conditions, and their so-called “territorial behavior”, that is, methods of active resettlement in space, associated in people with affection and tenderness. For example, rubbing the legs often causes the cat affection, but she was just marking her territory.