The Feral Kitten With Saddest Eyes


Abandoned animals always have something special to look at. All cats are born with blue eyes, only one and a half months begins to manifest the true color, which is fully formed by 3-4 months. Eye color cat is genetically dependent on its color.

Purebred cats eyes are usually very bright and saturated colors, especially for breeds, not specific to aboriginal. Rules of exhibition systems determines what color the eye should have a particular breed in a particular color. So British cat color solid black with green eyes is a tribal marriage, while black and green-eyed Orientals – norm.

Many breeds are allowed only a single eye color: Russian blue – green, Burm – yellow-honey. It should be noted that the color codes provide only blue, green and yellow eyes, as well as special colors for acro-melanic colors. However, shades of eye colors cats a lot more, so sometimes in the valuation lists the name of the color of the eyes is written out in full.