Taming A Feral Cat


It is very difficult to tame a feral cat. Many people fail while doing this as it requires much patience. Man in this video tried to earn trust of the feral kitten. He did this traditionally with help of food. Man tried to lure the kitty with cat food. The kitten was screaming loudly – it was hungry and scared at the same time. He did not want to approach humans but smell of tasty food was so attractive that kitty could not skip this opportunity. Man meowed as if trying to show that he can speak the same language. I do not think that kitty fell for it but at least it did not run away and soon he was close to the can with delicious meal. But man wanted to tame the kitty and started petting it.
Food is the only thing you can attract the feral cat with. Otherwise these animals would not be interested in humans. But this kitty remained vigilant. Watch what followed then.