Stray Kitten Walks Into Police Station And Doesn’t Leave


This poor kitten showed up at the Alameda County Sheriff’s office in California, lost and clearly wanting to be rescued. This story is so sweet and heartwarming!

They said the kitten just walked into the station and refused to leave. For two days, he just hung out at the police station and made himself comfortable. He roamed around the station and even tried to find a few places where he could just lay down and get comfortable. He tried to sleep by one of the officer’s computers, but he didn’t like that spot. After a short while, he found his favorite spot in the office…in one of the paper trays of the office’s printer!

One of the officers noticed the kitten and quickly fell in love with him, so she decided she would help the kitten. The officer took the him to the vet to get checked out and it turned out the kitten was healthy. All he needed was his forever home, so the kind officer officially adopted him!

This is such an amazing story. The police officer truly saved this kitten’s life! Watch the entire story below!