Stray Kitten Found Wobbling Around the Streets, Finds Love – Her First Time in a Home


The first 24 hours after surgery were crucial. She managed to get out and the next day she came to herself, which she immediately notified her foster mother with meow. “Then she constantly demanded from me caress almost the whole day”.

“She is a very sociable girl. Loves to be the center of attention to kissing. If for some reason I do not take her in my arms, she cries until I change my mind,” Samantha says. Little cat did not allow the guardians to be away from me even for a few seconds. “So we were on shift duty not to leave her alone.”

“Then the vet realized that one of her stitches had split. In the correction of funnel chest deformation complex are superimposed seams, which contribute to the proper formation of bones.” When everyone has lost hope, a miracle happened – the kitten eyes and meowed.