Stray Kitten Asking For Help


When man from USA came to work in Kenya, he saw a stray kitten once. Actually, it happened in a different way. Kitten spotted man and started following him to his home. Then kitty decided to stay so the animal had chosen this person and decided to be with this human. The man did not mind and adopted a beautiful baby. He called the pet Nala because he thought kitty was a girl. But when it turned out that Nala was a boy, the kitten got accustomed to the name already, so man decided to leave it as it.
Person purchased everything that was necessary for the kitten: cat food and litter box. The kitten decided that he would sleep in human’s bed and man could not say no to such cute kid. Man had been working in Kenya for 4 years. When that period was over, he returned to the USA and took the kitten with him. Now this a happy cat
who was very lucky to meet his dad.