Stray Kitten Appears to Man Meowing for Help While He is Fishing


Two American friends once went fishing, not even imagining what an unusual catch them promises this outing. To call the prey rich will hardly, but despite this Jason frost and Brandon Key still became YouTube stars. Recently, the Network appeared a positive video of them fishermen caught fish instead of two cute, fluffy kittens alive and healthy.

Fishing young people on the river Black Warrior, Alabama. This precedent completely debunks the myth that cats can’t swim and afraid of water, like fire. Be can they not like water, however when speech goes about life and death, these animals demonstrate simply wondrous ability to “rowing” in “dog-style.”

When Jason frost from the boat noticed something floating in the water, he could not even imagine that it would be a kitten. Recognizing the object, the young people turned on the smartphone camera and headed towards the floating beast.