Stray Cat Wanders Into Police Station and Decides to Pose for Selfies..


The cat came to the police station to do a selfie… and find a new home. Sometimes cats behave very friendly and even brazenly. So this black and white cat named Kingsley is one of them.

One day he just came to the threshold of the police Department in Columbia, South Carolina, and started hitting on all the cops. The cat wanted to hug everyone, and the officers gladly gave him the opportunity. “He just came to us and started to RUB on feet. I think he wanted to say that we pay too much attention to the dogs, and it’s time to look at the cats,” laughed one of the policemen.

In a short time, this friendly cat has won the hearts of every officer. But it was not enough. And when one of them pulled out a phone to photograph the intruder, he then he just jumped up on the table to take a selfie with a COP.