Stray cat kept taking her food to go… so they decided to see where she was going


Cat near the car was desperate for food. But I didn’t have, and took the package of food to the kittens. If the little one, the mother can feed up to 4 months and sometimes even longer if weaning, solid food. But when in a litter of 5-6 kids, the duration of breastfeeding is significantly reduced.

It may be a month and a half. Maybe this cat just does not have enough food for their kittens. A full diet of cats is essential to its continuous feeding of the offspring. It is particularly important that during this period the mother received taurine and calcium. Weakened, the old cat can’t feed the offspring for a long time.

Diseases of internal organs, the presence of worms, complications of childbirth reduces the yield of the nursling, reduce the period of admission of the kittens to his chest. Healthy homemade cat nurses baby seals at least a month. In this period mother’s milk is for kittens and fluid, and food.