Squirrel playing with family cat


When they noticed that the kitty stayed too long on the roof, they started worrying and decided to check on him. What was he doing there? The owners were afraid he would walk away to the woods so they wanted to know what happened. There they saw something amazing! Something that made them ran for the camera and record this awesome video.
It turned out that kitty has found playmate on the roof. It was not even cat. I could not believe my eyes, when I saw it, because normally cats do not play with these animals. This was a squirrel! It was incredible sight! This squirrel was a very playful buddy. Later it turned out that squirrel was not wild when it was little. It was a pet when it was a baby and when human raised it, the squirrel ran away to the woods. Sometimes she returned and during one of such visits met the family cat and got acquanted with it.