Special Cat Turns Guy Who Hated Cat into The Ultimate Cat Dad – SCOOTER


Hind legs would not obey, front already tired – tells the story of the cat volunteers of the animal shelter “Abandoned angel”. All walked past and turned away from faces with burnt whiskers and pleading eyes. She was not crying. Simply quietly lay in and was shaking. But it turned out that there are still people in the world with compassion.

Young guys stopped, looked at the beast carefully and realized that the cat is not to rest lay down in a puddle, she needs help, and urgently. The doctors found that the hind legs of a cat is paralyzed, and for a long time. As she at all been moving around, it is difficult to imagine.

Cat, by all appearances, home, beautiful, tri-color. Must have been a favorite in anyone’s family, then lost, and the owners have put a cross on it, and started a new favorite. And a miracle happened. One of them took her.