Someone replaced curling with cats and I can’t stop laughing!


Curling with a cat, that is, instead of a shell serves as a living cat. Don’t understand how it can appeal to the cat, but the viewers love it. History Curling originated in Scotland, it was there, at the bottom of a dry lake in Dublin was found a shell for the game, which was the date of manufacture (1511).

In 1457 the Scottish Parliament issued a decree banning a number of games, as they were believed to distract people from attending Church and practicing archery. Curling under the ban were not included, most likely, this gave impetus to its development.

The first world championship on Curling among men was held in Falkirk and Edinburgh in 1959, and among women in 1979 in Scotland in Perth. Since 1975, the world Championships became regular. In 1998 Curling debuted at the Olympics.