Someone abandoned two kittens and brought them to my yard


The man suddenly found himself in the yard two abandoned kittens. The first thing he decided to do is to feed the kids. Proper feeding of a kitten depends on the development of body, immunity, health and longevity. To lend those same products, that and adult the cat, or feed your baby from the table cannot be.

About how to feed kittens, as well as about how different food exotic breeds, will be discussed in the article. In the first period of life is preferable protein foods with a high content of vitamins. The basis of the diet-low-fat poultry and beef.

The meat is cooked or scalded with boiling water, cleaned of bones and cartilages, finely cut. To it mix porridge (a mixture of wheat groats and rice), give milk, cottage cheese, kefir. Once a week, liver and raw egg are useful. Little kitty needs vitamins, so the food mixed with cooked grated vegetables.