She sings a lullaby to her kitten


This little one decided to take a part in the concert with it’s owner. How cats react to music? The correct answer, apparently, is this: some cats do not show her the slightest interest, friends doesn’t like the music totally, while others get pleasure from it. In any case, the existing literature on cat never says anything about it.

French writer, for example, observed that his cat always listens carefully to the singers, whom he accompanied on piano. However, when he took high notes, the cat showed displeasure. Probably they are too clearly reminded her of the sounds of her relatives at the time of suffering.

When the singer is a woman took “La” in the upper octave, the cat jumped up and made a movement with his paw, as if trying to cover up the singer’s mouth. Must be she had some of his special Association with this note, because Gauthier has been performing experiments, trying to fool a cat, but she always reacted to your “critical” paw, whenever taken this specific note.