Saving Tetley, the Tiny Kitten in a Teabox


This is Tetley, a little black kitten. This fur girl was alone on the streets, so somebody just picked her up and set off to the animal shelter. That person used a teabox for it so he brought a kitten in a teabox to the shelter. This is how she got the name Tetley.
There are so many stray kittens that are brought to the animal shelters that they do not cope with such burden. Fostering is an excellent solution in this case. People who involved in it accept that it’s fun. Besides, this heartwarming activity is very useful for the society. Just a couple of weeks provide an excellent springboard into a happy future for kittens.
A tiny Tetley was fostered by Hannah Shaw, known as Kitten Lady. She inspires others to foster little kittens to give them chance for survival!