Saving Moxi


The history of Moxie, which was the result of a caesarean section. Her mother, Kiki, could not give birth for 60 hours and the decision was made to intervene. The first thing to do is to teach a little kitten to respond to their name. To do this, select a very bright name in which there are hissing and sonorous sounds. The name of the animal must be able to hear well from the other room.

This name need to be repeated frequently when beckons the animal to yourself or give food. To the new name the kitten gets used within a month. In order to accustom the kitten to approach the owner, you need to stand next to him, several times to call him by his name and take up in his arms, to stroke, to caress. First helpless, and then very playful moxie immediately attracted universal love. First and foremost, take care of the warmth of home for the kitten or kittens. Since the kids have all the time to look, we need an open container standing on the floor.

You can use a small cardboard box, where it is easy to watch the kids and to provide necessary assistance. Shoebox is a good solution for this time period. You will need an electric heating pad, which can be ordered at the pet store. If the kitten is weak you may need a tube for artificial feeding.