Sand Kittens, Strikingly Rare And Elusive Wild Cats Were Caught On Camera For The Very First Time


For the first time, researchers were able to photograph sand cats in the natural environment. Sand cat — feline subfamily of small cats. Sand cat is the smallest of all species of wild cats. Adult no more and sometimes less than the usual domestic cat. The body length of the animal, 60-90 cm, of which 40% are long fluffy tail. The height of the cat at the withers is 30 cm. the Weight of an adult male 2-3. 5 kg, females weigh 0.5 -1 kg less. The animal has large, wide, and slightly flattened head with pronounced sideburns. The ears are wide and large, but while in pursuit of prey can be folded and snugly to the skull. Color his eyes yellow. Sand cats have short and strong legs, the feet of which are covered with stiff hair, preventing burns to the soles scorching Sands of the desert.