This Is The Right Way To Clean Your Elderly Cat. This Is The Most Touching Video EVER !


So the cat lived a happy and long life, it needs good care. Moreover, both old cats and small kittens need special care, because old cats and kittens have a weak organism. In cats, old age starts from the age of 10. For each cat, the onset of old age is individual, because much depends on her health.

On external signs it is possible to see approach of old age. In old age the cat sleeps longer, is not so mobile. She deteriorated hearing, she is not immediately revoked if her name called, worse respond to external stimuli and worse reacts to movement. Old cat eating a lot less than young. Therefore, to avoid obesity, you need to reduce the amount of food and reduce fatty foods in the diet.

If your cat eats food, you need to buy a food that is designed for older animals. If the cat only eats natural food, it should be well crushed, because the old cats are suffering from teeth problems. The cat should be access to clean, fresh water.