Rescuing Two Tiny Kittens! Will Mama Cat Nurse Other Cats Babies?


If the cat appeared normal litter, it is possible to enclose one or two kittens who are orphans. They can simply be put near the nest of a cat, and she will accept them, hearing a plaintive meow. Her maternal instinct is so strong that she is unable to resist the cries of the kittens on the help – definitely fit and one will transfer to the nest.

She’ll lick them – and they’ll smell it-and then feed them with the rest of her kittens. Some owners fear that this method may not always be successful, so they prefer to take a personal part in the process of “adoption”.

They wait for the mother cat to come out for food, and while it is not, they put the kittens in the nest and gently rub them with a litter that keeps the smell of the cat. The kittens remain in the nest among family children.