Rescuing the world’s most annoying cat


There is somewhere in the universe planet, where civilization runs cat species! Not believe? View this collection and see for yourself that cats have a mind and wit.

They are the real heroes, able to act for the sake of love and their kittens will give a head start on the woman with a horse and a burning house, will hypnotize you with its prettiness, while they live their comfortable life. And convince the owners that without them life would be gray. Around the world cats stuck in Windows, open on ventilation and often die.

Doctors veterinary clinics say that animals affected by entanglement in windows, go to him constantly, and most of the cats and dogs to rescue, unfortunately, not possible. Another incident occurred in Tyumen. Cat stuck in a window on the fourth floor of a high-rise building. The poor animal’s cries were heard by neighbors, they and called rescuers.