Rescued Mother and Daughter Cats Care For Their 10 Babies Together and Won’t Leave Each Other’s Side


Two cats-mom was found pressed up to each other with 8 newly born kittens. Two abandoned cats-mothers were discovered in garage. When their placed in orphanage, they have clung to each other together with their 8 tiny, recently born kittens, the difference between whom accounted for only a few days.

Megan and Moha are inseparable and replace each other in caring for the kids, told the employee of the cat shelter. But do you remember a cat her kittens all my life? Only those who unduly reward animals with human feelings and emotions will give a positive answer.

Of course, the vast majority of cats — perfect moms who give their all to care for kids, and often risking their lives, rescuing offspring from danger. But, alas, cats in these moments runs only instinct and nothing else.