Rescue Pit Bull with a Rough Past Becomes Mom to 20 Foster Kittens


The first kitten, who was brought in Marissa, failed to make friends with the rescued dog Hemme. For some reason he avoided her. Then nobody would have to think that Gemma will be able to find a common language with kittens.

Three years later and more than 20 rescued kittens, Marissa knows: Gemma loves kittens. Pit bull Terrier gives them all himself. She sleeps with them, kisses and licks them. She’s not even angry when kittens begin to nibble her ears. But even being in such a state, Gemma was very kind to his saviors. She understood, that they unwilling to it only for good.

Marissa, the current owner of Hemma, says she read about it on Facebook. And decided to just go to the shelter and “see her one eye”… in a minute after the meeting, the woman had already filled out the paperwork and chose a collar for Hammy