Rescue Kitten No One Thought Would Survive, Fights Alongside His Siblings, Now 4 Months Later.


The, that cats like useful, intuitively understands any lover of animals. However, periodically there are hypotheses that purrs human affection is not only unnecessary, but a burden or even harmful. And the flag repeatedly raised the claim of independence and the freedom of domestic cats allegedly forcing them only to tolerate human touch.

Of course, cats are different, past experiences and, even more, heredity makes some animals so suspicious that the fear of man inevitably kills any enjoyment. Some traits usually associated with the breed of cat. As a rule, each breed a certain type of behavior, although each animal at the same time individually and in their terms, not limited to the description of the standard, which was invented by experts.

Thus, Siamese or Abyssinian cats are usually very social, and the British can easily tolerate time alone. In short, the peculiarities of every breed you can tell a lot. And by the way, you should remember that when choosing a pedigreed cat is rational to choose not only the appearance, but also character.