A Rainy Day With Maru


To this cat could walk, she has to wear a raincoat. There are several well-founded reasons for this attitude of cats to water.

In their natural habitat cats, large bodies of water were rare, but none-the-less, they carried a real danger to the life of a cat. Major bodies of water are places where mass are going to different animals at the watering hole where some animals tried to eat the other. That is why cats behave enough cautiously near a body of water, even if deceptive body of water is sink or bathroom. Different breeds of cats differ from each other in their abilities in swimming.

The less bone mass in the animal, the fewer in their body fat. Fat is the substance that helps the animal to stay afloat and keep warm in cold water. Many generations of cats lived in a fairly cool environment and had a good body fat. After domestication, the amount of fat in cats has decreased. That is why, regardless of breed, it is difficult to call cats excellent swimmers.