Quimera Is The Rarest Cat In The World – Mother Nature Gave Her An Unbelievable Gift – She’s Spectacular!


The most famous Chimera was a cat from South Carolina named Venus, photos of which quickly spread on the Internet. This beautiful cat showed that chimeras are not terrible, but quite nice though and look very unusual.

Venus has a left and right part of the muzzle is completely different in color: the left side is red and with light moustaches, and the right side is completely black with black moustaches. Moreover, the border between the colors is exactly in the middle. The rest of the trunk Venus has a turtle black-and-red-white (or still say “calico”) color.

And yet Venus has an amazing eye: the red of the faces blue and the black part green-red. But blue eyes are found only in albinos and Siamese breeds of cats, and Venus is neither the one nor the other. This phenomenon interested Professor of the University of California at Davis Leslie Lyons, studying the genetics of cats, as a “rare genetic anomaly.” Leslie Lyons is going to take to study the skin samples with black and red side of Venus’s head.