Puppy Was Lonely Without Any Friends, But Then A Stray Kitten Entered His Life


Sometimes, fate finds you a best friend in the most unexpected of places. This dog found his best friend at a construction site. Now, the two of them are inseparable!

Sorin Popa from Brasov, Romania, had just adopted a puppy named Dante. Dante, with his cool blue eyes, looked like he was going to be a great mischief maker. But Sorin soon realized what Dante wanted most was a friend to play and grow up with.

So Sorin started visiting shelters looking to adopt a kitten to be Dante’s friend. Sorin’s sister, who knew Sorin was searching for a kitten, called and informed Sorin that she had found a tiny stray kitten near a construction site.

The kitty had no home and was hungry, so Sorin decided to bring the kitten to the home she had just moved in. The empty place, with no bed or furniture, immediately felt like home, thanks to Dante and the kitten’s presence.

Sorin named the kitten Abyzou, and took her to the vet for a check-up. After the vet visit, it was time to do some shopping! Sorin and Aby shopped till they dropped. They brought everything from cat supplies to toys!

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