Puppy Abandoned By Mom Who Tried To Eat Him – Then A Group Of Cats Adopted Him and Saved Him


This little Pitbull puppy was abandoned by his mother when he was born, along with the rest of the puppies in the litter. He was actually the smallest of all the puppies, but he was all alone and had no one to take care of him.

Thankfully some kind people found him and did whatever they could to help, so they took him to get help. Unfortunately Nicholas was in bad shape and even had part of his leg missing as his mother literally bit off his paw. However, his health soon got better and at one week old, he joined his new family, which included a bunch of cats who quickly stepped in to nurture him and give him love. The cats immediately showed that they loved Nicholas and even snuggled up with him as much as they could to make him feel warm and comfortable in his new home.

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