Popular Chef Who Cooks With His Cats Shows How He Trained Them


Contrary to popular opinion, cats can be trained to obey commands, if you choose the right motivation. Many cats love attention, so they look forward to training. That workout gave a positive result, use the clicker. Due to this, the cat will understand the connection between a click, which produces the clicker and the reward.

There are many tricks that you can teach your cat. It is easier to teach a cat to give paw. To train a cat through words is possible, but difficult. This method, unfortunately, rarely gives a positive result. As we use the words every day, not directing them to your pet, most likely, the cat will not respond to them.

Moreover, if you decide to teach your cat the command “Give paw!”, it is unlikely that you should expect a good result because your pet is likely to hear these words in a different context and he therefore does not know how to correct them to respond.