Poor kittens live under a concrete slab


The kittens lived in a narrow crack in the asphalt. Little kitty caught in a crevice of the stone wall between the plates. Rescue crumbs had to work together service Animal Control and firefighters. One day the owner of one of the houses was seriously disturbed.

From the street heard the sad squeak. Man has long sought the culprit of the noise and finally saw a small kitten. The animal somehow fell into the narrow gap in a stone fence between the houses. Self freed from captivity, he did not succeed, and all he can do is meow.

The compassionate American called the municipal service Animal Control, engaged in the rescue of animals. Soon on a scene there has arrived the employee of this organization Erin Medeiros. Judging by their appearance, the woman suggested that the kitten is homeless. She also put forward the version of how he ended up in the stone prisoner — the cat bore it to the top of the fence, and accidentally dropped it.