Poodle Cats Are Like No Other Cats You’ve Ever Seen, You’ll Love Their Curly Fluff


Newman decided to name the breed Selkirk after her stepfather. They are unique felines but the name is also unique because it is the only breed named after a human.

Jeri and other breeders diversify this breed by crossbreeding with other cats, including Exotics, Persians, British Shorthairs American Shorthairs. It took a few years but they were officially recognized by The International Cat Association and the American Cat Fanciers Association. They were also tested as being genetically unique by the University of Veterinary Medicine.

Although they are officially named Selkirk Rex Cat, most cat lovers know them as ‘poodle cats’. They are also sometimes referred to as the ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’. They make great additions to the family, tolerate young children, are sociable and sometimes silly. Although they may take a little bit of maintenance because they have to be brushed regularly so their fur doesn’t get mangled. Brushing also helps to reduce shedding.

Source: innerstrength.zone