Poodle Cats Are Like No Other Cats You’ve Ever Seen, You’ll Love Their Curly Fluff


You don’t need to do much looking to figure out that people absolutely adore cats. They have a cat in their home and perhaps even multiple cats that they care for, along with some strays that appreciate their kindness. In addition, cats are one of the most popular subjects online and people will spend hours looking at cat pictures, cat videos and reading cat stories. It is an amazing phenomenon but one that all cat lovers understand.

Although there are many cats to appreciate, one of the most adorable that you will ever see is the Selkirk Rex breed. They are a relative newcomer to the scene, originating in 1987 but they are easy to spot. You can tell you are looking at a Selkirk Rex because they have adorable, thick and curly hair. It looks great in pictures but it is even softer you touch it.

The Selkirk Rex Cat breed was first seen in Montana when a feral cat had five kittens. One of the kittens in the litter had thick and curly hair in comparison to the other kittens. It caught the attention of Jeri Newman, a breeder who adopted her and named her Miss DePesto. She ended up giving birth to six kittens, three of which had thick coats and the breed got its start.

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