Police Sergeant Comforts Rescued Kitten At Police Station, Then Decides To Give Her A Forever Home


The Lakeland Police Department received a call about a little kitten who was found roaming the street alone near a busy intersection.

That’s when Officer Mike Cardin went to the scene to help the kitten, who was huddled up under a light pole, right near traffic. Thankfully the officer was able to get ahold of the kitten before he could’ve ran into traffic.

Officer Cardin brought her into the station and put her into a box while they waited for animal control to arrive. But the cute little kitten never quite made it to animal control.

Enter Sergeant Brian Wallace. The second he laid eyes on the kitty, he was head over heels in love with her. As he learned about the situation, he decided to sit with her and keep her company.

The kitten was alone and scared, and Sergeant Wallace didn’t want to leave her alone in that box for the next ten hours, just to have animal control take her away.

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