Pitbull help to injured cat and call people


Bubba, a 6-year-old pit bull from Phoenix, Arizona, has always loved cats. It started in childhood, when Bubba was only three months old in a shelter for homeless animals puppy put together with the cat, who had nursed a brood of kittens. Even then, the little pit bull actively helped to take care of the kids, protected them and played with them.

And although since then it has been almost six years, apparently, Bubba didn’t forget old friends: it was worth it to the hostess, Rebecca, Picallo, to bring home another buddy, this time a kitten as Bubba immediately “adopt” a newcomer.

Now these two are inseparable: Ryu (it is called this ball of hair) everywhere should be for Bubba, considering him as his parent, but severe pit bull, in turn, protects a kitten from outsiders, gently washes and places to sleep beside him – in a word, cares, how I met your mother.