Pitbull befriends baby chicks and baby turkey


Get ready to feel all warm and fuzzy inside, because you’re about to witness one pit bull who knows how to make a rather precious connection with some very unlikely companions. As Animal Planet reports, known as a breed who loves playing with friends, it shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise that she doesn’t discriminate when it comes to what her friends look like. As a matter of fact, its natural tendency and “eagerness and ability to assume the role of a child’s nursemaid,” also probably plays an important role in this pit bull’s reaction towards the babies inside the coup.

That’s why when shay Israel lets her into the coup, as you can see in the YouTube video below, all of her curious attention goes right to the baby turkey that was born just 2 days prior. “Look how she’s worried about the one hiding in the corner…so cute!,” Sandy Broker commented on YouTube.

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